My name is Mariëtte Scholtens – de Jongh (1983). I’m an artist based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

On some days I’m busy making paintings of buildings and cities, while I focus on creating animal art prints for kids on other days. Furthermore I create art prints of city highligts.

Special requests

In short I’m always up for new challenges. So if you like me to, I can create something special, customized for you or your company. Contact me by email hello@artstudiojet.com or use the contact form.

“Wherever you go, go with your all your heart” – Confucius


People often ask me where I get my inspiration for my art from. Well first of all from looking at the world around me with an open mind. I especially love walking as well as biking around in cities while looking at buildings from different angles. In addition I always try to look for aspects that make a building unique.

Furthermore I love to explore the artwork of fellow artists in museums, e.g. the Kunsthal. Most noteworthly this is where I recently discovered Joost Swarte, an amazing graphic designer. As a matter of fact, his clear line technique were the inspiration for my new “Amsterdam City Prints” collection.

Learning is key

Above all I’m convinced that learning new things is the key to happiness and creating more beautiful art. Hence I follow lots of courses. The course I’m currently participating in is “Illustrative Drawing”. Furthermore I read many articles online.


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