Gigi Giraffe
Tim Toucan
Keiko Koala
Jacky Jelly
Laila Llama


Kids love art too

Congratulations! Youโ€™re one of the lucky ones! You’ve spotted theย  #art #studio #jet #LIMITED #edition #ANIMAL #art #PRINTS on the world wide web! All you have to do now, is try to capture them before it’s too late. The animal family is growing rapidly so keep an eye on this website or the artstudiojet Instagram page to meet the newest members of the family.ย 

In short some ideas on how to use them:

  • First frame them
  • Second create a vertical Zoo on your wall
  • Third make other people happy by giving them one as a present
  • Last but not least post your pics on Instagram and tag #artstudiojet

These cute animal prints can also be found at Alice in Cakeland. A lovely little cupcake shop in Rotterdam displaying art of local artist.

Missing your favourite animal? No worries! I also accept custom orders; contact me with your wishes, and once your wishes are clear, I’ll start creating!

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