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Custom made painting of your favorite city or building

Always wanted to have a painting of your favorite city of building? A tailor made painting might just be perfect for you. The painting can be made for your own home or company or it could be a personal wedding gift. More information on the possibilities and prices can be found below.

Step 1: Your wishes

First we discuss what you have in mind.

  • City: Which city do you have in mind?
  • Skyline or building: Would you like to have a painting of the skyline of your favorite city or do you prefer one specific building, bridge or area? 
  • Photos are a great way to get a clear understanding of your wishes.  

Step 2: Colors, format, materials & prices

Once your wishes are clear, we dive into the details. We will discuss the following:

  • Color preference: Do you have a preference for a certain color or color combination? Are there any colors you dislike?
  • Format: Think about a portrait or landscape canvas, have you thought about the preferred option for the painting?
  • Materials: I normally use a linnen canvas on a wooden frame, acrylic paint and a high gloss varnish. If you have different wishes this can be discussed.
  • Price: once your wishes are clear I can give you a price indication. Once we agree on the price, I’ll start working on the first design.

Step 3: Digital Sketch

Now it’s time for me to start sketching. 

  • Digital sketch: You’ll receive one or more sketches of the painting I’ll use an iPad pro to create some digital sketches for you.
  • Feedback:  Once the sketches are done, we will discuss these via e-mail, Whatsapp or phone or which other medium you’d like to use.
  • Creative mind: Please keep in mind that I give my own artistic twist to skylines and buildings, they are not an exact representation of actual sight.

Step 4: The Painting

Once we’re both happy with the sketch, I’ll start working on the painting.

  • Time indication: Normally it takes about 3 to 4 weeks for me to finish the work, this period can vary depending on the size of the painting and other special wishes. If you need the work faster, this can always be discussed.
  • Progress: If you wish to keep an eye on the progress, I can send you pictures of the progress via e-mail or Whatsapp.

Step 5: The Unveiling

Good news, the painting is done! The work can be picked up or it can be brought to you. We’ll discuss that once the time is near.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any additional questions.